We have modified the PRO - EVO technology (PROPULSION EVO) drilling of "concentric holes" with a smaller diameter in the center holes and larger in the border holes. With this system we get MORE POWER, EFFECT, RESISTANCE and a more AERODYNAMIC padel racket. The PROPULSION system with smaller "concentric holes" in the center and larger in the rows outside, when hitting the ball they give a better ball impact in the "energy zone" and one more POWERFUL and CONTROLLED ball return. Creating a "CATAPULT" effect. The padel racket charges with energy and increases the energy in the ball return and controlling the direction. This system gives the padel racket better durability and a great resistance.

shot spin.jpg

We have modified the ESF (EXTREME SPIN FACE) technology texture on the 2 faces of the padel racket adding 3D relief of concentric granulated points increasing the roughness and the effect or SPIN that is transferred to the ball. With this technology we achieve a greater spin adding control and security to your game. Your groundstrokes will be more uncomfortable and dangerous for your opponent with more spin and control.


Anti-vibration system that allows optimal vibration damping. The system is made up of a Techno-Gel that covers the base of the heart until injected in the grip. In this way the T-Gel reduces vibrations and fully protects muscles and joints.


Layers construction system, that together with different cores and structures, make more powerful, comfortable and resilient rackets.  Fiberglass layer in contact with the EVA core that provides flexibility. FTP layer (Fusion Thermo Polyamidex) that provides resistance, comfort and energy return. High-resistance 3K Carbon layer that provides maximum durability and control.

pro evo png.png

The concentric pattern holes are raised up, creating the highest energy zone just in the hitting area. This way, holes collect more energy during the hit, increasing the ball's exit, and giving more control at the same time. The new hole pattern, without matching neither the vertical or the horizontal axis, allows reducing the number of holes, obteining a more durable racket.

The aerodynamic profile frame, provides and easy flow of the racket through air, speeding the swing. In addition, the padel rackets that include AERO PROFILE technology, reinforce their structure, thanks to an hexagonal section frame.

Honeycomb texture applied on the 2 faces of the racket, that increases noticeably the spin of the ball. The spin works out well for more controled and safer shots, being more dangerous for the opponent at the same time. It also helps contact with the ball.

Inverted V construction that is more rigid and stable, offering better control for off-center shots.

Structure of the frame and face made of carbon fiber. This combination offers maximum performance for an intensive use.

Powerful and flexible fiber that gives a good bounce to the ball. Good feel, control and damping for the amateur player.